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Many companies now understand the business value in implementing HR software (Human Resource Software) which can dramatically help HR and line managers to automate routine tasks and processes, resulting in reducing paperwork, improving efficiency and saving time. HR software is often the key to helping a company's growth.

Some of the key benefits of HR software by automating the common tasks and processes will typically provide savings in time of over 50%; such as employees change in personal details, holiday approval, sickness recording, appraisals, training & development, salary & career changes, etc. In addition, the more advanced HR software solutions often provide self-service facilities allowing managers and employees access to HR information and routine processes, with the benefit of ensuring much greater accuracy of records and data. By implementing an HR software system that is used company-wide, there are fewer chances for inefficiencies in data entry as well as reducing the chances for duplication of efforts, and to improve communication between locations, divisions, departments and HR.

A good HR software solution should form the backbone of a companies HR operation, delivering information and analysis on every individual, job, department and division. It should let you manage career progression, model salaries, monitor absence trends to handling appraisals and performance reviews, tracking training and qulaifications to planning competencies and succession.

By analysing absense trends with HR software it helps you to see the patterns, you can then take action to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of your organisation.

HR software covers a range of different functions from core HR information, recruitment, time management, payroll and expenses, to training and skills management, and can operate across a variety of different IT technologies. Therefore it's important to choose the right type of HR software and technology platform for your business.

So with the popularity of HR software growing, it's very important to understand what will be required for the software to function correctly and truly benefit the company.

You need to decide the scope of the project and your specific needs before actually implementing an HR software system. There are various things to be considered such as the size of your company, locations, key access, routine tasks you are expecting the software to do, the technology platform, what data you already have and the best way to transfer it, training plans, etc.

Finally, it's very important for a company to maintain its HR database to receive maximum benefits from HR software. High-quality HR software can assist your HR department to improve the productivity of the organisation and help you to take better decisions by providing access to reliable and relevant up to date HR information.

OptimeHRMS as a company and solution in the India (Banglore) to be offered and implemented as Software as a Service (HR-SaaS), by providing a low cost, easy to use, fast and reliable on-line process. Optime has helped transform the way human resources can be managed by truly empowering HR and the whole workforce, enabling HR, managers and employees perform all their important Human Resources reporting and management tasks easily, on demand, online. The key benefits of Optime HR-SaaS is that it's really quick and simple to set up, low cost, minimal training required, and available 24/7 across your business accessed from any location.

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The key to it all …

At the heart of our solutions is OptimeHR , purpose-built web-based HR system that everyone's talking about – and moving to. Delivered on demand, online (through the innovative approach known as 'Software as a Service') it lets managers and employees carry out all their day-to-day HR management and reporting tasks easily, when they want. Optime combines all your core HR, compensation and employee benefits information in one simple-to-use solution. Through our powerful communication dashboard it alerts, informs and connects your employee community together, allowing HR managers, line managers and employees to interact quickly and effectively. It will transform the way you control, manage and deliver HR across your business, resulting in an efficient, pro-active and compliant HR environment that creates significant time and cost savings for the business. Available via your web browser 24/7, it can be accessed from any location – the office, a remote site, an employee's home . Combined with any of our other great modules from the product family, you can extend OPtimeservices reach to include other aspects of the business – all from one central point!

Real advantages for everyone

For leaders
  • Absence costs and trends
  • Accurate HR information and reports
  • Improved company-wide communication
  • Reduced routine administration
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Total Reward Statements
  • Increased value and perception of employee benefits
  • Reduced cost of HR delivery
  • Increased service level standards
  • Consistent business practices
  • Increased employee retention
  • Policy communication
  • Assists legislative compliance
For managers
  • Team and individual reporting
  • 24 / 7 access to people information
  • Graphical team absence chart
  • Leave approval process
  • Self certified sickness approval workflow
  • Equipment inventory
  • Training & Development
  • Reduced administration
  • Salary modelling
  • MailMerge - individual and batch
  • On-line policies
  • Data Exports
  • New joiners
For employees
  • Self service access to personal details
  • Holiday request / approval workflow
  • Self certified sickness workflow
  • Access to company policies and procedures
  • Read & Accept of key documents
  • Employee contact directory
  • Personal Event calendar
  • Training plans
  • Employee documents and correspondence
  • Team holiday calendar

OptimeTime and OptimeAttendance

…Where does all the time go?

Fully integrated into OptimeHR, it will allow employees/managers to record overtime / hours worked for authorisation and delivery to finance/payroll for payment.

Key features include.

  • Employee submission / approval of timesheets
  • Configurable cost code allocation e.g. Client, Product, Project etc.
  • Configurable multi-level approval
  • Reporting and Data Exports
  • Timesheet history
  • Approved timesheets data download
Time Off Management: Time of tracking like vacation, illness etc. Incident based time off tracking such as jury duty, etc. FMLA Tracking: Manages leave of absences covered by FMLA Flexibility: Supports a variety of attendance plans and lets you set up plans based on range of criteria including seniority, start dates, carryover etc Reporting: Standard reports and customizable templates. Employee and Management oriented time and attendance reports. Integrated: With other Pygos HCM modules like ESS and Payroll. ESS allows employees to view balances and request time off. Payroll automatically deducts appropriate amount based on a leave granted. Accurals: Accrue time off based on hours, days, or any other unit of measurement.


… Develop me and I can do more.

Fully integrated into OptimeHR, it provides a performance development and review environment whereby managers and employees can identify behavioral and skill gaps to form the creation of a PDP – Personal Development plan.

…Reviews and progress alerts will generate follow-up actions and activities to ensure that both the manager and employee are able to effectively build, monitor and implement the active PDP.

Key features include.
  • PDP creation / approval
  • Role based competency framework
  • Objective definitions
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Automatic review / follow-up event alerts
  • Document upload
  • Manager / employee dialogue history


…Have you approved my expenses yet?

Fully integrated into OptimeHR, it will allow expenses incurred by an employee to be recorded, authorised and delivered to finance/payroll for payment.

Key features include:
  • Employee submission / approval of expense claims
  • Multiple document upload against expense claim e.g. receipts
  • VAT/Sales Tax rates
  • Expense claim history
  • Point-in-time exchange rate conversion
  • Unit rate definitions e.g. mileage claims
  • Configurable expense code allocation e.g. Client, Product, Project etc
  • Configurable multi-level approval
  • Reporting and Data Exports
  • Approved expense claim data download


…Find the best people, a match made in heaven.

Fully integrated into OptimeHR, OptimeRecruit is our new add-on solution that allows you to manage recruitment processes from end to end, effortlessly.

Create and post your vacancies either within OptimeHR or on your company's website. Candidates can apply for a position, then OptimeRecruit takes control by managing the entire recruitment process from application through interviews, to job offers and 'regrets', co-ordinating all candidate communications and maintaining clear records.

Key features include:
  • Online application tracking
  • Vacancy posting
  • Internal/external applicants
  • Complete recruitment solution - front & back office
  • Recruitment graphical dashboard
  • Vacancy costing
  • User definable recruitment stages
  • Interview schedules
  • Vacancy authorisation
  • Applicant's account access
  • CV upload
  • Skills matching
  • Selective and bulk document mail merge
  • Recruitment analysis tools
  • Line Manager access
  • Media Spend Analysis
  • Screening Questionnaires
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