We are an executive search firm who specialize in providing custom fit HR solutions to our clients.
Finding the right candidate for the right position at the right time is the Goal of every business organization.
We supplement this by developing solutions.
The best fits the client’s requirements.
Optime strives to achieve the quality that will exceed the expectations of our clients.
Meeting expectations is a practice but in optime exceeding the expectation is a norm.
In optime we adapt to our clients culture and map it with the culture of our own to form a unique environment that is both congenial to our clients and us.

Services Offered

Permanent Staffing

Temporary staffing


Talent Management

HR Policies and Procedures formulation

Setting up of HR departments.

Approach Model

Getting the Job requirement

Assigning a search committee

Formulating a search plan

Arrange interviews

Application screening and shortlist

Executing the plan with a search for right candidate

Client makes offer to candidate

Optime Info Services Pvt Ltd


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  • Optime Info Services Pvt Ltd
  • No:40/1, 1st floor,
  • Dr. Rajkumar Road,
  • Prakash Nagar, near TVS show room, Bangalore
  • India
  • Office: 080 64514499
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